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Review : Always 21 Aloe Vera Soothing & Refresh Gel


Hari ni Aqis nak buat review sikit pasal saru produk dari Korea iaitu Aloe Vera Soothing & Refresh Gel by Always 21.

What it claims: 

The best choice for bring skin after exposure to UV, city pollution and lack of moist! It contains 99% of aloe vera leaf extract that once reaches to skin, will revatalize  the skin, dropping skin temperature and feels cooling, moisturize and refreshing. Formulated without paraben , mineral oil, artificial colour making your skin smooth without stickiness. Best to be stored in the refrigerator, the cooling effects are maximized.

How to use:

Apply on dry skin use often for the best result. Ini salah satu cara penggunaannya.

 This product is multipurpose so you can use/apply it on enywhere.

My Honest Review:

1. For me this product suit for comb to dry skin , for oily skin they probably will not really love this product bcs I pernah guna product ni dulu time waktu sekolah which time tu my skin is combination and my tzone damn oily :( so bila I pakai product ni my cheecks just ok je but my tzone like ugh.. ok I admit my tzone that time is damn oily but I still feel not comfortable with my tzone area when I apply this aloe vera gel compare to other aloe vera gel.

2. Aloe vera gel ni pun dia lambat meresap makan masa sikit bagi I lah compare to another aloe vera gel yang I pernah guna.

3. For those have normal to dry skin they probably will love this product bcs this one really moisturize and a bit sticky when you apply it. But bagi I yg dry skin pakai benda ni dia takkan rasa sticky or what dia just ok when you apply it on your face. I maybe time pakai ni kulit jenis comb to oily.

4. btw I noticed my eyelashes became long/thicker than before. My hand often got dry patches so this one help me to repair my dry skin area.

My rate:


Because I've been used many aloe vera gel from another brand and ada aloe vera gel yang lebih better daripada this brand. I suka aloe vera gel yang cepat meresap and doesnt feel sticky. but this one I dont really like it. Dont worry it doesnt means this product not suitable for you. Everyone has different skin type and preference :)