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Review: Yadah Sunscreen (Oh My Sunblock)

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Today I would like to review sunscreen from YADAH. Before I review I like to tell you that my skin type is combination, got hormonal acne lately, medium skintone. I almost use this sunscreen around 2months or more em..but I'm not often use it bcs I always stay at home; in my sister's bedroom and bilik dia takdek tingkap so there's no direct sunlight.

What it claims:

A daily wear colourless and highly moisturizing sunblock that offers high-level protection againts harmful UVA and UVB rays suitable for all skin types even for the most sensitive skin. Exceptionally lightweight texture in a matte finish. No makeup remover is needed.

Free from harmful ingredients; paraben , mineral oil, talc, benzonphenone, sulfate surfactant, propylene glycol,  tar colorant, triethanolamine, alcohol denate

My Honest Review:

1. For me this sunscreen is semi matte not too matte but not too dewy but yes it helps to moisturizing my skin ! It's really suit for my combination skin.

2. This is sooooo important for me bcs it doesnt leave a white cast! Ahh sukanyaa ni important gila bagi I sebab fobia dah pakai sunscreen yg ada white cast. Malu tau tak kena tegur dengan budak lelaki they thought I pakai makeup pergi sekolah padahal itu white cast 😭

3. For me it's really suitable for all skin type bcs it's not too matte and not too dewy so for oily skin if you're looking for sunscreen that can moisturizing your skin but doesnt give your skin bcme more oily this one is good for you. Why do I say so? bcs my Tzone is damn oily sometimes but so far i used this sunscreen it doesnt clogged my pores n my tzone doesnt oily. And my cheeks is normal but sometimes dry so when I apply this sunscreen it's helps to balance my skin's moisture. There's some sunscreen that give you feel powdery but this one is not (i dont like sunscreen powdery finish) but dont worry it doesnt feel oily even after 24hrs.


so far so good je I pakai ..

My Rate:

Where can you purchase this item?:

I bought this item from Hermo on Christmas Sale but I forgot the price. You also can grab it from SASA , Watsons , Shopee or Online shop. Price around RM40 - RM50 something for 50ml.
Everyone has different skin so everyone probably will experience the different. I gave a review base on my experience :)